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Depending on your body's condition at the time of massage, we vary and combine various techniques in a way we think is most effective in providing relief to you. This is our signature "Integrative Massage".

Brief information on modalities used in Integrative Massage

For soothing relaxation and in cases where muscles are strained and inflamed, light effleuraging and kneading strokes are used as in Swedish massage. For tensed knotted muscles caused by stress, postural problem, over-exercising, muscle adhesion from old injuries, etc; deep tissue massage techniques like Myofascial Release, & mobilisation, or shiatsu will be employed. Pains caused by structural misalignment of the spinal column, pelvic rotation, postural problem, Shiatsu is very effective for treating these problems.

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Lymph Drainage Therapy

For oedema or fluid swelling caused by injury, post-surgery, fluid retention common in women (pregnancy, menstruation, menopause), enhancing any detoxification program Lymph Drainage Therapy works wonders (click on link for more information).

Prenatal and Postnatal treatments

Nir specialises in prenatal & postnatal massages. Prenatal massage helps promote relaxation, boost immunity and ease physical discomforts brought about by the changes in the body as the foetus grows. It benefits not only the mother-to-be but also her unborn child. For Postnatal sessions (click on links for more information), Nir includes the use of traditional Javanese cloth-wraps & "jamu" (herbal paste) to help the mother regain her health & figure. For effective results, a minimum of 10 daily sessions is recommended. Baby massage can also be taught to the mother or caregiver, if requested.

For natural delivery, postnatal sessions can commence as early as the 4th day after delivery. As for caesarian delivery, sessions can commence 2 weeks after delivery or upon doctor's advice.

Cost and duration

♥ 60 minutes session          S$100.00 - S$110.00
♥ 90 minutes session          S$130.00 - S$140.00
Above charges are inclusive of our transport fees for attending to you at your place. In areas that are outside of 20km from our place, CBD areas or hotels where the parking fees are high, we reserve the right to add on the extra costs. If you choose to have your session at our place, a reduction of $30 will be given.

♥ Prenatal 60 minutes session          S$100.00-S$110.00
♥ Prenatal 90 minutes session          S$135.00-S$145.00

♥ Postnatal 6 days and below           S$110.00 per session
♥ Postnatal 7 days package               S$680.00
♥ Postnatal 10 days package             S$950.00
♥ Postnatal 14 days package             S$1,250.00
♥ Postnatal 20 days package             S$1,700.00
NOTE: For postnatal, there is no reduction of transport cost if you choose to have your session at our place.
Terms of payment for postnatal packages: a payment of 50 % deposit is required upon booking confirmation.

  • Lymph Drainage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby Massage